The Urban Living Room

Eddy Kaiser, one of the artists behind the infamous Flying Grass Carpet, has launched a new project, the Urban Living Room. The Urban Living Room is a small living room in public space. Completely painted blue (FYI: RAL 5015), the projects aims to give people a more homely experience in public space as well as stimulate spontaneous meetings and conversations.

The Urban Living Room is a flexible intervention which is currently located in Rotterdam. After its stay on Schouwburgplein it will travel to Istanbul and Hong Kong to support dialogue and connection in public realm. The Urban Living Room is a collaboration between Kaiser’s Studio ID Eddy and the Powerboat theater collective. Powerboat will organize small events and happenings when the small blue living room pops up at a spot.

Outdoor ‘Wohnzimmer’ lovers should also check out this nice project by Stiftung Freizeit, that also aims to re-create the cosy atmosphere of the living room on the streets.