The Transformer House

With the current climate change and crazy distorted seasons it’s almost not a luxury to have a house that adapts itself to weather changes.

Innovations in sustainable building materials like automatic blinding windows with built-in sun cells, high isolation bricks or translucent concrete are incredible, but still not entirely efficient since they can’t adapt to the position of the sun, harsh temperatures or wind speed.

This concept house, on the contrary, has the ability to change along with the weather. When it’s cold and necessary to conserve some heat, the dwelling will be pulled into a cozy cube. On sunnier days, the wings opens to catch sun rays optimally. The designers at D*Haus company are now a bit struggling with the technical aspects of the house, but they already produced shape shifting stationary and furniture.

“In 1908 an English mathematician called Henry Ernest Dudeney discovered how to turn a perfect square into an equilateral triangle. The dissection of the square into 4 distinct shapes allows it to be rearranged to form the triangle.”

Click here to watch a video of the D*House.

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