The Pop-Up Lunch Bag

Some time ago we already paid attention to the great and inventive Pop-Up Lunch initiative by New York-based Alexandra Pulver. She changes public urban places into temporary lunch spots by adding designed pop-up furniture. All her designs are easy to take and can be removed when you’re done. Here we show just another great example of her work — a stylish lunch bag that can be instantly transformed into a seat. With two solid clips, the bag can be attached to all sorts of fences (which are pervasive in cities these days), and voilà, there’s your pop-up lunch spot.

“I am exploring how nontraditional public spaces – like sidewalks – might be easily transformed into lively places to lunch. This blog follows a series of Pop Up Lunches I have staged (some big, some small) and my development of mobile eating tools designed for the sidewalks of NYC. Ultimately, I hope that my efforts might inspire even a handful of my fellow urbanites to reconsider the potential for lunch – to be a joyful daily event – and for the sidewalks of NYC to serve as more than just pathways. This project was all part of my Master’s thesis as a graduate student of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute.”