The Instant Rainbow Painter For Cities

Dutch artist Edwin Deen came up with a new machine to instantly create rainbow patterns on walls. Using a sprinkler installation that’s normally used to water the garden, the machine is able to turn any tunnel or alley into a fresh rainbow like space. Currently part of the ‘Use it Again’ exhibition at the Ampelhaus in Oranienbaum, Deen’s Rainbow Machine can also be used for indoor purposes as it transforms clean white spaces into almost perfect colorful gradient rooms.

Paint can do a lot to the city. The Rainbow Machine could have easily been part of a series of machines that we featured over the last couple of years. All these machines were developed to mechanically give the city a more colorful character, for instance this Facade Printer, that uses paint balls and a robotic cannon to paint patterns on urban walls. Also this inkjet printer for the road automates the urban paint job. When talking rainbows, also the Rainbow Robot by Akay is an interesting machine.