The Folding Sauna

Studio Elmo Vermijs is about to launch its latest project, a mobile pop-up sauna. The so-called ‘folding sauna’ was initiated in 2010, based on the idea to enjoy a sauna at various locations and in different atmospheres. Think about festivals and campsites, but also more private scenes such as urban wastelands, your own garden, or beautiful landscapes, in which you always wanted to enjoy a complete relaxing experience. The folding sauna is a combination of a folding tent trailer and can be put into use anywhere.

Unique is the use of felt as thermal and acoustic insulation, which is a flexible material enabling the sauna to fold it for transport. The interior offers room for four to six people who are able to enjoy a sauna session. The folding sauna generates heat through a wood burning fire, and consists of a bench to rest, a changing room, shower, cistern and an extra wood basket to also enjoy the outdoor part of the session with a romantic fire. Additional equipment such as bathrobes, towels, slippers, various flavorings and purified bottled water can be delivered.

The sauna can be easily transported with a normal car and is available for rent on Rent-a-Project, a website initiated by Vermijs together with Henriette Waal, that offers a selection of special pop-up installations for rent. The folding sauna is available for rent for a daily rate of € 149 and a weekend price of € 249.