The Concept Crèche For Urban Dogs

Building a career, having a social life, staying in a good shape and drinking a beer from time to time is already a hard job. But combining all these personal ambitions with raising children or pets is beyond human capabilities.

Nevertheless, with a little help from the crèche, children still get raised in cities. Owning a dog in crowded metropolitan areas still demands supernatural time management skills. But a solution is nearby. Parisians now can temporarily deliver their dogs at a special crèche. The so called Canicrèche offers an ‘à la carte’ ‘dog sitting’ service complete with play and health facilities for guests with different characters. We are already familiar with more peripherally located dog hotels and walking services, but a dog crèche in the middle of a posh shopping street is an interesting new urban phenomenon?

I stumbled upon this amazing metropolitan service within the trendy Parisian neighborhood Le Marais. Canicrèche is located in a space next to a pet store on Rue de Turbigo. This way the formula facilitates a one stop shopping service for urban dog owners. Prices for leaving a dog here depend on the dog’s breed, varying from 7 euros an hour for the ‘toy’ type dog, to 10 euros an hour for a big dog such as a labrador. In addition, one can pay for some extras, like participation in a group walk or even an individual walk (6 to 9 euros).

A metropolitan lifestyle means being around all the time. Inhabitants of bigger cities increasingly spend their lives in the urban network. Home becomes a place to sleep and to have dinner only a couple of times a week. Some people try to combine this delirious metropolitan lifestyle with having a dog, which obviously is not a perfect combination. The dog, once a cute puppy,  becomes a demanding monster, barking out loud in the middle of the night, chewing on the designer couch and leaving urine all around the place (if not worse). But people still love their dogs, as if they are children. The idea of the Canicrèche supports the increasing emotional relationship people have with their dog. Within the often impersonal metropolitan setting, affection and security is offered by living creatures, like pets. In return for all this love and affection, people want the best for their dog and do not hesitate to spent money on them.