The Building Of The Largest Mass Grave Ever

How do we handle death in the early 21st century? An ambitious team lead by Ingo Niermann is making plans for the building of a giant mass grave for mankind: a 578 meters high (!) pyramid in Eastern Germany with space for body rests of 100 million people.

The website of this amazing project explains: “The Great Pyramid grows brick by brick from rock-solid concrete stones set to outlast the coming millennia. These stones will either contain an urn with the ashes of a deceased or hold capsules containing remembrances.”

All stones have the same size and are positioned at random. They can be custom designed. The huge structure which is planned near the town of Dessau is meant for everyone to reserve a place in. Getting placed in the pyramid costs about 700 euros, which is a very reasonable price. You can already reserve a stone at the Great Pyramid website. You might think this is another, much too big, utopian idea. It’s not. But people are serious, really serious. The German government already supports The Great Pyramid financially and architectural competitions have already taken place. Big names like Rem Koolhaas and Miuccia Prada were part of the jury. According to some articles, building could start this year.

Bonus! Innovative electronic music label Dial Records released a beautiful 12″ named ‘Pyramid Drift’ containing tracks by Momus, Christoph de Babalon, Phillip Sollmann aka Efdemin and Arises. The tracks were performed live on the occasion of the Gala of the Great Pyramid in March 2008. Listen to Sollmann’s beautiful track below: