The Art Of Urban Camping

Last year, I wrote about TRACK’s outdoor exhibition in Ghent. Summer is the perfect time for museums and artists to leave their walls and go to meet people. UrbanCampsite Amsterdam makes art and design more accessible and interactive at a campsite. It offers a fun opportunity to explore this idea of bringing art to unusual spaces.

Visitors can stay in artistic, unusual and sometimes just crazy mobile objects at the Vliegenbos campsite in Amsterdam this summer. Think of the Markies by Eduard Böhtlingk, REFUNC’s capsule hotel, the tree house of the Boomhuttenfest, the autarkic bike by Franka te Lintel Hekkert, Rob Sweere’s bodybag and the Caravan by Kevin van Braak.


Capsule Hotel by REFUNC.

Caravan by Kevin van Braak.

UrbanCampsite invites campers, designers, local residents and day trippers to meet and exchange. Open-air movie, dinner at long tables, outdoor theater and more will enhance this. Temporary photo exhibitions will be shown in the camping amenities, one of the fields will be arranged as a sculpture garden and the terrain’s decoration will be changed regularly.

Pilot project UrbanCampsite will be open from August 11 to September 30, 2013. Book via their website (starts from 20€) and follow the program updates on Facebook. Campers who have not rented a mobile object can set their tents up in between.