Talking Tree Wants To Be Your Friend

The Belgian science and nature magazine EOS is running a project which purpose is to give voice to a 100 year old tree located in Brussels by linking it to a complex system of cameras, wind sensors, solar panels and so on, that are constantly monitoring its activities and translate these into words.

Talking Tree has a web page where he tells us how he is feeling and how the weather conditions are around him. He also occasionally shoots pictures and videos with his cameras to later share these with us on his Flickr or Facebook account (where he already collected more than 9,000 fans). Twitter, of course, cannot be missed to keep up with the times and to send us updates over its photosynthesis. However, the best pieces are his advices to use heating wisely or to visit the park on a nice day, his complaints for the number of leaves that are falling or his appreciation for the gentle autumn breeze that flows through his branches. Nature has so much to say and, nowadays more than ever, and we have to listen!