Tag The World, Share Spaces!

The concept of space becomes more and more diffuse in the digitally oriented Western society. The emergence of the Internet already had a tremendous reflexion on physical space. For example, attracting online shopping alternatives party replace the function of the good old stores in the streets of our cities.

Getting both more mobile and widely accepted, Internet devices penetrate deeply into the use of good old space. For example by offering new digital services to the physical environment, like innovative iPhone software like Japanese Sekai Camera does by virtually tagging spaces and places.

Imagine you just got off the plane in Tokyo. Somehow, you directly feel the need to integrate into the life of the locals. Once arrived in the Roppongi disctrict you open Sekai Camera and you just start filming the environment. The GPS and Internet driven application adds an extra layer to the physical space, containing what other people have said about it. Their tags tell you how they think about certain spots (bars, galleries, streets, you name it) and could provide extra information. As you can see in the movie, it can also be used for commercial purposes, like a restaurant directly presenting a menu. Just by adding a simple digital text to its building which Sekai Camera picks up.

This fantastic way of sharing digital information in the real world offers the opportunity to instantly get the experiences of the locals and integrate into true city life. It provides direct no-nonsense insights in quality of city spaces. Tokyo will feel like your hometown on day 1. The world got smaller, again…