Sweet Dangle: Suspended Architecture In Liverpool

Talk about an unsettled view. As part of Liverpool’s biennale, artist Do Ho Suh decided to suspend part of a house in between two existing structures. Even though a description of the materials used in the piece seems relatively mundane (“Steel structural frame with sub timber frame, Filcor 45 FRA EPS bounded to 19 mm marine plywood, painted finish”), the result is a jolt when we consider what an alley normally looks like.

The piece hangs in mid-air, high enough above the fence to be visible from the sidewalk. The alley is slim enough that passing by on foot will only allow someone to see it for a brief moment, but it’s enough to make you reconsider how we organise dense urban spaces.

‘Bridging Home’ will be part of the Gwangju Biennale this autumn.

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