Supertramp By Lehman B

‘Supertramp’ – a new alternative ‘future platform’ initiative by recently founded do-tank Lehman B – is officially embarking on its maiden voyage in and around London’s urban amazingness from Wednesday the 2nd of June. This first project by Lehman B will attempt to set out to explore the practicality of microsized living and urban downshifting as flowmads take to the streets. Inspired by a more minimal, fluid and socially aware approach to future living, the project seeks to inspire and promote leaner and more liveable life forms.

Supertramp, a pushbike caravan, will act as a permanent mobile home, while doubling as an agency and social-facility point. Through this, the project hopes to create a social and experimental platform where new lives will be lived and inspired. Supertramp will move around London on a weekly basis, setting up in proximity to bars, restaurants, studios, companies and galleries. Every week a new topical theme will be discussed and explored as part of the journey and Lehman B will host events with casual and curated conversations, facilitate workshops and invite key speakers to host special nights.

Supertramp says to offer a unique, intimate and conversational platform on which individuals and experts can share ideas, create insight, decipher knowledge and instigate real investigations and experiments that inform how a ‘braver new world’ could potentially look and feel. Check out Supertramp at its first location this Wednesday between 6 and 10 pm at the School of Life, 70 Marchmont Street, London!