Suitcase Symphony

This is yet another innovative design by Jeriël Bobbe, the creator of the Movie-ng Experience that we mentioned earlier in our Dutch Design Week 2011 series. Bobbe’s frequent travels and the carrying a trolley suitcase inspired him to use the trolley as a music instrument. Instead of annoying noises on ordinary stone pavements, a range of relief paving stones create a nice melody when a suitcase rolls over.

The tiles have different ridges and openings that determine the pitch and volume with various distances and depths. The bottom part acts as a sound board. The wooden tiles can be shaped to produce sounds like nearly any musical note, so composing your favorite melody isn’t a problem at all! The creator thinks this is a serious competitor to moving walkways at airports. Will the travelers choose the easy way, or the playful melodious way?

This article belongs to our Dutch Design Week 2011 series, in which we showcase ten great designs spotted at the Design Academy’s graduation show.