Street Tag: Graffiti In Augmented Reality

Street Tag is a free app that turns your iPhone into a can of spray paint. Recently launched by Channel 4, this neat application makes use of the phone’s camera mode to enable users to virtually graffiti the street in real time without fear of being arrested. Street Tag’s coolest feature is its Augmented Reality functionality, which greatly enhances the tagging experience. As soon as you’ve finished, you can showcase your work by geo-tagging your artworks via the app or Facebook, Twitter and email. Others can view your drawings in Augmented Reality at the exact place where you left them. The app developers of 4Creative explain:

“Adorn everything and anything, even those buildings you never thought possible to tag (…) Create tags by using the spray mode, use the spray options button to change paint colour, size and wetness. You can also create tags using your finger in the Create A Tag mode and save in your own personal gallery for use later.”


The Street Tag app is part of Channel 4’s Street Summer, which culminates in a season of programmes celebrating street art, hip hop and urban culture in the United Kingdom. Click here to download the app, it’s free. We’ve tried it for ourselves and it’s really impressive. Street Tag is able to easily recognize walls, and its Augmented Reality features let the tags stay exactly in place. Nevertheless, creating a nice tag with your iPhone demands some decent graffiti skills…