Street Dinner: A Secret Pop-Up Restaurant

Very secret outdoor pop-up dinners are offered to tourists in the Italian city of Ferrara. The secret location of each dinner is announced last minute with a text message…

“One starts by purchasing a ticket for EUR 60 per person. The package includes separate tickets for aperitifs, a table and two chairs, and two dinner menu choices; also included were two Street Dinner sweatshirts, instructions and a map of the city. Guests also provided their mobile phone number up front. The first text message reveals where the Welcome Aperitif will take place. An hour before dinner, a second text message will tell you where to pick up your table, chairs, and Street Dinner Bag with your chosen menu and the ‘mise en place’ for your table. The third text message will finally reveal the location where we will have the dinner will take place.”

The dinner tour of Street Dinner is a great way to explore the beautiful city of Ferrara. It offers a night full of discoveries which will be revealed moment by moment to whoever chooses to participate. Streetdinner says to be a mix between a meeting in the dark and a treasure hunt, between a puzzle and a role play, between a social network and ancient art, between a VIP dinner and a romantic picnic. Streetdiner is supported by the city council of Ferrara as it is considered a great contribution to the city’s promotion. What is a better way to make people love your city than letting them explore the beauty while playing a game that ends with a romantic dinner?