Squeezed Vertical Campsite In Amsterdam

This week, Amsterdam-based artist Leonard van Munster will be opening a squeezed vertical campsite in Amsterdam. The Camping is a project in a series of facade projects at building sites opening during the annual Art Amsterdam festival. The vertical camping is located on the facade of ‘Het Magazijn’ in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. With this work Van Munster reflects on the camping culture which is a reaction on the urbanization process taking place over the last century. It’s a comment on today’s urban densification in architecture and provides a colorful scene bringing up youth memories and nostalgia.

I’d love to book a tent at this vertical facade campsite. Also that would provide Amsterdam a great solution for the lack of budget hotel accommodations. But since gravity is ruling this world, and safety officers rule Amsterdam, I guess that’s not possible. Although these guys in Rio de Janeiro prove that it’s possible to live life vertically all summer long.