Spreading Love By RFID Tagged Pigeons

Use a dove to show your love! Starting today, Amsterdam people can use city pigeons to spread their love. Flying from loft to loft, hundred ‘love doves’ contribute to the Erotic City.

I Dove You
The I Dove You project is about love in the city and combines the newest artificial communication methods with the most historical ones. Let me explain. Hundred pigeons in Amsterdam wear a RFID chip. These chips are loaded with love messages that need to be spread. These love messages can be left by anyone on the project’s website. Here you can also choose a favorite pigeon (a.o. Wolter, Job, or Vledder) that has to take care of your message. As soon as one of the involved pigeons enters one of the three pigeon lofts, the messages that this pigeon carries will be shown on a marquee. The lofts are specially made for this event and are all situated in the centre of Amsterdam.

The project is meant to scatter love around the city, but also to rehabilitate the pigeon. According to initiators Teun Castelein and Silvain Vriens, pigeons have a very bad image in our modern cityscapes. They are considered dirty (‘flying rats’) and disturbing (especially when biking). Restoring the pigeon’s position in modern society we should go back in time and think about the pigeon post as the only way to send long distance love letters.