Spotted At The Dutch Design Week 2011

Last Wednesday Sindy, Joop and I visited the 10th edition of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Showcasing the best products, ideas and creations from both young and established designers, the DDW has become the leading design event in the Netherlands with more than 1,800 participating designers, 65 locations throughout the city, 300 events and 180,000 visitors. Industrial design, spatial design, graphic design, fashion, textiles, architecture, you name it… it’s all there.

Part of the Dutch Design Week 2011 was the graduation show at Eindhoven’s Design Academy. The academy opened its doors for nine days to present 173 innovative works by a new generation of designers that claim to “have a firm connection to life and the desire to make sense of it”. We’ve chosen to present you ten projects and designs we came across when we strolled through the graduation show. Stay tuned the coming days!