Spherials: Pop-Up Communities On Demand

Feeling lonely in the park? Reluctantly going solo to an event? Spherials can help. Designed to generate impromptu socialising in ways never manifested before, Spherials is being hyped as the creator of “local communities, which can pop up anywhere and anytime.”

Although it is riding alongside the onslaught of apps attempting to reintroduce society to social media, Spherials is different. It’s not about hooking up, well, not primarily; it is about creating pop-up communities, experiences and events. Users inside the same “spherial” are able to access a location limited web-chat. They occur when several users are in the same area or, you can browse predetermined locations, belonging to bars, clubs and even markets, that are permanently or temporarily accessible once you are in the vicinity.


Using Spherials greatly appeals to the expat within me. I can pick a place in which I want to hang out and will hopefully find like-minded people present, also interested in making friends or creating some kind of experience. Whilst it’s not exactly natural to pre-screen for potential friends, the hyper-specific context of a Spherials rendezvous does help to combat our generation-wide social anxieties; chances are you will have something in common with your fellow Spherial dwellers.

Spherials Spherials

A potential problem is that the app is remarkably user dependent. People will have to be willing to reengage with a society in which strangers are quite disconnected from each other, so I assume in the case of random Spherials, ice-breaking skills will have to be brushed up a little.

So, are people ready to leave behind the comfort of communication via screens? We hope so. Therefore, we suggest you grab your Smartphone, download the free app (there are some hotspot suggestions to get you started) and get on the move.