Soundpiece: A Permanent Audio Experience In Rotterdam

One of these days Soundpiece will be installed in downtown Rotterdam. Soundpiece is a major permanent open air sound installation, meant to transform the Schouwburgplein into a permanent cultural platform for audio-related culture. According to its curator David Dooghe, the idea behind Soundpiece is to create a central place in the city where different cultural performances, that usually take place behind the facades of cultural institutes, could be experienced by anyone.

Soundpiece should transform the Schouwburgplein into the cultural foyer of Rotterdam. It connects the different spaces in which Rotterdam’s cultural life takes place by facilitating audio snapshots of the city’s cultural program. This implies a lot of upcoming performances on Soundpiece that are streamed from activities that already take place in theaters, clubs and festivals in the city. Soundpiece creates an own program of interesting audio experiences. There’s an open call for artists and other sound performers to contribute  and get heard by a massive and broad audience. Applications and ideas could be sent to

Great about this project is the way public space is programmed in an a-physical way. A new layer (this time not augmented) of experience, emotion and meaning is introduced at a prominent spot in the city. Soundpiece will be launched during the annual Rotterdam Film Festival.