Social Media Help Flowers Growing

Publicity Plant is a social interaction installation designed by Sander Veenhof. The installation lets plants grow through us writing about it on the Internet. The more web publicity the project gets, the faster the plants will grow in their special greenhouse.

Flowers are social organisms. As we know, trees like to be hugged, and plants do better when someone talks to them. But does it help to talk about flowers within the context of online communities? On July 1, Sander Veenhof will be graduating at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Therefore he designed an interactive greenhouse in which a bouquet of ‘graduation flowers’ is growing, depending on our will to help them. A greenhouse control system converts all online publicity into plant growth by switching on the grow-lights when you: bookmark the project on Delicious, report about it on Twitter, share photos on Flickr, write a blog post about it, or search for ‘Sander Veenhof’ on Google. At least we did our job. Follow the project through the webcam: