Social Environmentalists Versus Car Fetishists

Controlling a car with your mind… it sounds unrealistic, but just imagine, in 20 to 30 years this will be the new way of driving your car. Just thinking about selecting first gear will be enough. Thinking about stopping for another traffic light will be enough. It’s proven that people who are either stressed, angry or sad, are worse drivers than people who are laid back , relaxed and/or in a good mood. Therefore, state of the art technology will notice when you’re in a bad mood and will prevent the car from moving.

Because of this newly discovered feature accidents will drop to a minimum. However… will this discourage the great amount of so called ‘petrol heads’ (another word for the pure car enthusiasts)? Who appreciates driving a car at either its limit or just like cruising through the country? Will this new feature take the car of the future to undiscovered limits or will it cause a war between the social environmentalists and the army of car intrigued maniacs? Only time will tell.