Smart’s Miniature Billboards

Smart presents itself as a proper and eco-friendly car especially made for the urban atmosphere, and it will continue to do so as it’s about to launch an affordable electric car, the Smart Fortwo. Therefore it’s logical to use the urban environment as a canvas for a good advertising campaign in public space.

The Toronto office of advertising agency BBDO came up with this rather brilliant and funny intervention on behalf of Smart. The ad men strategically placed numerous tiny billboards along sidewalks, on walls and public objects in Toronto.

The Smart miniature billboard campaign not only shows off Smart’s trademark (tiny cars), but also uses the same mentality for advertising. At a fraction of the costs of a normal billboard campaign, Smart has gained itself massive exposure, both offline and online. According to TrendHunter, “instead of wasting space with large, environmentally harmful signs, the BBDO Toronto Smart campaign keeps the health of the earth in mind”. Now that’s smart advertising.