Shed Light On The Lack Of Urban Green Spaces

I can’t help imagining a butterfly effect between the current spontaneous protests sweeping across Spain and the interventions by the Luzinterruptus collective. At least, I like the idea. Since 2008, the Madrid-based street art group has been acting “with the simple idea of focusing people’s attention by using light on problems that we found in the city and that seem to go unnoticed to the authorities and citizens”.

They denounced paranoia in the Malasaña district with “a lot of policemen for so few people”, required safe bike lanes with ‘Pedaleo Seguro’, raised the issue of invading advertising in public spaces with ‘Trap for Mosquitos’… Implanted Nature, their latest intervention, addresses the lack of usable green spaces in a ludic and enjoyable way.

“The night of the 5th of May we took to the streets at midnight on our journey from Malasaña to Lavapiés, we left 50 small ecosystems, living in the harshest and greyest areas of the city center. In reality, the intention of this intervention was to make homage and call attention to the insignificant weeds which grow in the most unexpected places and which seem very beautiful to us, for their obstinance in surviving the harsh daily life and for their spontaneity. Hopefully, some of the plants we left , have rooted in a crack, doorway or sewer and someone has noticed it…”

View more pictures of Implanted Nature here.