Sexyland: A Member Club With A New Owner Every Night

Today Amsterdam welcomes its newest member club Sexyland. With 365 owners, the venue will be hosting a different opening party every night of the year. Through this experimental cooperative business model the initiators hope to create a place with continuous energy and a completely eclectic cultural program.

An initiative of the Eddy the Eagle Museum, Sexyland is located in an old barrack on the NDSM Wharf, a rapidly gentrifying area in the northern part of the city. The club aims to give color to the city and celebrate cultural variety in Amsterdam. Every night will be completely different — from opera to dancehall, and from ping pong tournaments to art exhibitions. When you visit the website, you can see that the event calendar is already being filled with a wide variety of cultural niche activities.

Sexyland’s event calendar: a new host every night

Co-owners pay a yearly fee that gives them the right to use the venue for one day to host a public event to their own taste. They can invite their own friends and network, or ask for an entry fee. Owners also get free access to all the programs organized by other members throughout the year. People who aren’t members can purchase a one-week membership for €2.50, which gives you access to all events for that week.

The name Sexyland derives from the former Sexyland sex cinema in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

The name Sexyland derives from a few years ago, when the initiators wanted to test their member club idea in an empty sex cinema called Sexyland in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. That plan never came about as a consequence of high renovation costs.