Seeper's Subreality Refreshes Architecture

We have seen a couple of extremely nice urban projections and facade movies yet, but now we found a project which is absolutely amazing. ‘Battle of Branchage’ by the London-based designers of Seeper is one of “…the most exciting urban manifestations I’ve seen”, says Urbanshit, and I totally agree.

Seeper created this installation for the occasion of the Branchage Film Festival 2009 that took place on the island of Jersey between October 1 and 4. The project stunningly shows how real and virtual architecture merge these days, which makes me slightly concluding that the future of architecture might be a virtual one. Finally the option of flexibility opens for the only discipline in the world that stills seems to believe in perpetuity. Sudden architecture, or at least the facade design part of it, tends to become completely irrelevant. Making a building means creating a screen. The real art is in the programming of the screen on certain moments. This makes the facade of a building a temporary interesting manifestation instead of a continuously present statement. Arguably, urban projection, or the ‘Second Facade Movement’, is a rising star in the field of urban design.

Give this video a look, it’s great.