São Paulo’s Secret Tea Shop

Nothing’s more exciting than hidden elements in the urban fabric. Brazilian architect Alan Chu must have thought the same when he designed this remarkable secret shop for a local tea brand in a shopping center in São Paulo.

When closed, the Gourmet Tea Store is hidden behind a multi-colored wall. During opening times the wall transforms into a fully equipped shop as the counter slides forward from beneath a purple hatch, shelves are wheeled out from behind a grey panel, and a cupboard emerges from behind a large brown door. Even the sign of the Gourmet Tea Store is hidden.

Chu explains that the tea shop’s design was inspired by the brand’s bright packing for its range of 35 organic tea blends. “The colorful plywood box opens in many ways to the public creating a dynamic, joyful atmosphere around it self using design as a tool to provide the right brand experience”, Chu explains.

Click here for a Flickr set with more photos of this amazing secret tea shop. Be sure to check out this article on ArchDaily in case you’re interested in more neat shop designs for The Gourmet Tea.