Rooftop Tea Party

Have you ever had the chance to gaze upon a dense, old neighbourhood from a lofty vantage point?  The intricately interwoven rooftops of varying slopes, shapes and sizes, sheathed in brightly coloured terra cotta shingles is quite a sight to behold. Now you can be part of that remarkable landscape — in comfort while enjoying a spot of tea — thanks to Lithuanian designer Ainė Bunikytė’s ‘Ridged Rooftop Furniture’.

Inspired by childhood memories of climbing rooftops, Bunikytė wanted to create something that would offer a unique and secret space. The rooftop, an area that is usually inaccessible and uninhabited, was an ideal locale for her project. Perched high above the world, one is free to observe the going-ons below while they them self remain unnoticed.

Yet another wonderful way to reinvent the use of a rooftop! Bunikytė’s design fits over any pitched roof, with patents pending. You are free to try out the rooftop furniture, which is currently installed on a roof in Vilnius (just remember to bring a ladder). Check out more pictures over at Dezeen!