Robot Ray Parks Your Car At The Airport

Are you in a hurry to catch your flight and still need to find a parking place? Meet Ray, a shiny robot that parks your car at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany.

Ray makes sure you don’t have to park miles away from the terminal, eliminating the hassle of finding a parking place. Just drop off your car within a few meters from the check-in area and enjoy tax-free shopping while your dear assistant Ray parks the car. When you come back from a holiday or business trip, the robot will make sure your car is ready to go when you walk out of the airport. Would you trust Ray to park your car?



Before the robot drives your car away, the vehicle is scanned with a laser to determine its type and measurements and localize protruding features like side mirrors. After scanning the car, Ray picks up the car from the side with his two forks and manoeuvres it to one of the 249 storage spaces. Robot Ray is able to park more efficiently than a human being. It calculates the perfect spot by combining the size of the car and the number of days it will be parked. With limited parking surface available at airport, this automated system can be an alternative for building a new multi-story car park.

RayRay 5

Ray is especially interesting for people who need to travel time-efficiently. The robot’s services are now available to PremiumPlus members at Düsseldorf Airport. By using an app, Ray’s customers update reservations in advance to make sure the parking matches their flight schedule. For €29 a day Ray will park your car, and there’s no need to tip him.