Repudo: Digital Easter Eggs In Physical Space

There is a new kid on the block in the world of location-based media. It is called Repudo and it is all about dropping and picking up digital presents in physical space. The service, which is available as a smartphone app (currently only for iPhone and Android), enables its users to leave all kinds of multimedia like a text, a photo, a video or an audio message at any location they like. These unique objects, called ‘Repudos’, can be chosen to be picked up by anyone or by someone special. But only when they are close enough.

“To drop or pick up a Repudo you have to get out on the street. For example; drop a video, audio or text message for a friend at the central station. He or she has to go there in person to pick it up and get the message with their smartphone.”

As soon as Repudos have been picked up, they disappear from the map. Users can choose to either drop it again, somewhere else for instance, or keep it in their collection. Repudo’s iniators, who received one million dollars from an anonymous investor on their bank account, claim that Repudo unveils new, “refreshing possibilities” in location-based messaging and marketing. Think of digital discount coupons for shops, or free tickets for a club night. Dutch singer-songwriter Anouk has just dropped some concert tickets and sound files of her newest album on the streets of Amsterdam, ready to be picked up. Click here to check it out!

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