RE-Place Old Windows And Doors Into A New Public Space

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Raphael Coutin is reconsidering undesired constructions with the RE-place.

Fascinated by buildings, especially those in the phase of reconstruction, Coutin has come up with the idea of using materials like windows and doors, that are being thrown out and replaced, to build temporary fences that can form new public spaces. Re-place works as a modular structure that uses metal connectors to put old doors and windows into a new shapes. The unit can adapt to any kind of collected undesired material and can form long fences or small, rounded places. These should, he proposes, be used as a center of debate, new ideas and interaction for those working on the construction site and everyone else involved with the new building.



“By re-placing the essence of a building outside, it’s identity can be seen and experimented with for the very last time.” Then it’s up to the newly installed windows and doors to form a refreshed identity of the reconstructed building.