Rauzier’s Virtual Worlds

French photographer Jean François Rauzier transforms high resolution photos into dream-like, virtual paintings which offer a reflection on reality.

The dreamy landscapes on his images contain a certain absurdity, while the rich details of the images give us an idea of a parallel world. One single image is composed of thousand photographs creating endless scenes. When zooming into one of Rauzier’s artworks, even texts on countless books scattered on the library floor can be read sharply. This so-called ‘Hyperphoto’ technique is invented by the artist himself back in 2002, and has been exhibited throughout the world since then. His work is currently on show at Art London and Fine Art Asia Hong Kong by Waterhouse and Dodd.

“I have an emotion, but I can’t really see how the final image will be. It’s very important to know that because it was difficult for me at first. It’s exactly the opposite of photography. As a classic photographer, I look in my viewfinder and shoot and I have my picture. In the case of the Hyper-photo, in the viewfinder, I just see details. I tried every wide-angle viewfinder as a movie director would, but it’s impossible to have 360 degree vision; 180-degree viewfinders exist, but there’s so much distortion that we can’t imagine the result. So when I shoot, I have some ideas, but I don’t know how it will be in the end. It’s always an adventure, a discovery of a parallel world.”

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