Raumlabor’s Soft Solution

You may know the Berlin-based inflatable architecture gurus of Raumlabor since we have covered several of their projects in the past, such as the traveling bubble Spacebuster, or the Hovercraft, a translucent membrane wrapped around a modernist building. They are back with a new project. Under the name of Soft Solution, the Raumlabor people have realized a new installation for the 4th European Month of Photography in Berlin.

Their purple-colored creation, which can be found at the festival center at the Berlinische Galerie, consists of two elements. The outside part of the installation is soft, pneumatic and ephemeral, while the inside is hard and has sharp edges. (Click here to see an overview drawing with both elements.)

“The installation opens up a dialogue between to appearances of a spatial structure (…). Which is the original which the copy? Is it a metamorphosis or a blurred reflection? While indoors the iconic object plays with the found construction grid, outdoors it acts as an attractor and an activator of the public space.”