Puff Data

Over the last months we’ve seen plenty of smartphone apps that stimulate good behavior, for instance the new Nike+ GPS app. This is Puff, a caroon cloud-shape car accessory that is able to visualize the amount of pollution a car is producing. The cloud’s color changes dynamically, depending on CO2 emissions. Green indicates the lowest rate of pollution, red the highest. An accompanying iPhone app on the dashboard visualizes the drive data in real-time. The idea for Puff was developed by Amateur Human, an open platform for designing, showcasing and sharing playful design objects that accessorize our relationship to the environment.

“Puff is attached to the frame of the car or to the tail pipe.  The lamp is light weight and thus well below the 50 pounds you can apparently safely hang from the exhaust pipe. The lamp itself is detachable, so you can take it inside with you whenever you leave your car at the curb. (…) The app also logs the drive data allowing you to keep track of various information such as how much total CO2 you’ve emitted during this trip or during all your trips with Puff, what is the average rate of emission, the total number of miles driven and the average MPG. It also estimates how much NOx, CO and hydrocarbons you’ve released into the environment.”

Puff shapes can be customized to fit individual styles. Amateur Human is searching for people who own or use a car, live in the New York area, and would like to try Puff and tell the developer about their experiences. Click here for contact details. Bonus: click here for an interview with designer Karolina Sobecka!