Potholes Become Miniature Gardens In Mexico City

Urban hactivism collective Mesajer Urbanos recently launched an intervention in Mexico City in which potholes on the streets were filled with exotic flowers and plants.

Mesajer Urbanos is a video platform of people creating positive messages for a better world by doing social experiences. Their experiment was well received by people on the streets. And the funny thing is, car drivers carefully drove around the miniature pothole gardens.

The pothole gardening trend has been around for a while — Steve ‘The Pothole Gardener’ Wheen has been pothole gardening from 2010, planting over 200 mini-gardens on city streets, with the ultimate goal to create unexpected moments of happiness in the middle of the grayness of London. Pothole gardening shows similarity with a recent DIY project in artist Rachel Sussman repaired cracks in pavements with gold pigments — turning an icon of urban decay into a classy element.