Pop-Up Foodism In San Francisco

Oh, glorious street food! Probably, the thing I most look forward to when going to markets, festivals, and even concerts. And I have just been giddy to see the recent rebirth of the food truck culture, along with myriad new cuisines and creative offerings. If only there were a regular event that brought all these delicious victuals together so that street food fans, like myself, could sample to their tummies’ content.

Off the Grid in San Francisco came up with exactly that idea in 2010. They now have 12 weekly street food markets running throughout the Bay area. The markets are setup in fairly central areas on plots of undeveloped land to keep costs low and local vendors are invited to peddle their fares. Offerings range from fusion tacos to delectable cupcakes. Hungry visitors can expect to see many well-known food trucks, as well as lesser-known start-ups, and even chefs of famous local pop-up dinners.

As with most street food, the lack of a permanent address can often make them tricky to track down. This market is a great way for people to find their favourites, as well as discover new ones. While this venture is great for our tastebuds, it’s also a nice boost for local entrepreneurs, as well as a fun way to get the community out and socializing. Amsterdam has just recently hosted a similar one-time event called the ‘Rolling Kitchen’. Hopefully, these street food markets will become a regular event in most cities!