Please Dial Number To Order Snow

How great would it be to order snow with your smartphone? London-based creative agency POKE made it possible!

Controlling the weather and its phenomena has always been a deep desire and dream in people’s minds. No, we’re not going to discuss about crazy theories of controlling the weather. However, how would it be to be able to ‘order’ the weather condition that you prefer with your smartphone? In the past, some people in Brazil were able to offer a cloud as a gift to their friends and family through a tweet.

Make Hackney Sparkle

This time, it was the London Borough of Hackney that offered a Christmas gift to the pedestrians of Rivington Street. POKE, a London-based creative agency, collaborated with the Make Hackney Sparkle campaign, in order to create a sparkling, Christmassy atmosphere!

Passers-by were encouraged by posters in the street to make a call or check in using Foursquare. The reward for those accepting the challenge was a snowfall accompanied by the very fitting song ‘Let It Snow’ by Dean Martin. Needless to say, that the reactions were remarkable: “hipsters smiled, average dates became magical and Christmas wishes came true”, notices the creative agency.

The ingredients of the magical event were clever bespoke software and electronics, an EE 4G connection and five snow cannons on the roofs of the street’s buildings. It seems that, that’s all it takes to create some Christmas magic and sparkle!