Picnurbia: An Urban Picnic Landscape

This summer, downtown Vancouver was spiced up by Picnurbia, a big yellow wave that offered Vancouverites a great place for relaxation on the street.

Created by design collective Loose Affiliates and endorsed by the City of Vancouver, the temporary landscaping project aims to address the shortage of decent public spots for urbanites to gather, relax and picnic. Picnurbia consists of a 28 meters long and 4 meters wide ‘über-picnic-blanket’, comprised of an undulating wooden structure covered with yellow artificial lawn. Nine large umbrellas create shadowed spaces for people to rest while five tables offer opportunities for picnics and events.

“Picnurbia offers space for people to come together, relax and watch. Inserted into the urban downtown neighbourhood, a community where people already live, work and visit, the site is intended to become an easily inhabited summer zone, where people may gather to enjoy the long summer days. Picnurbia is designed to offer an ‘on-the-block’ amenity where people can drop by on purpose or stumble upon more informally as they walk or bike home.”

Click here for more photos of this urban landscape.