Paris Street Urinals Double As Mini Gardens

Paris has found an upside to the problem of public peeing, which has been a problem for quite a while. Nasty side-effects, such as the unpleasant smell and high clean-up costs, are being compensated for by an innovative circular solution which contributes to the city’s greenery as well.

The so-called Uritrottoir is more than just a public urinal. The flashy red boxes, which have already been installed at the Gare de Lyon, come with a miniature garden on top, allowing the user to gaze at a natural plant display while relieving himself. Filled with straw or wood chips to absorb the liquid, the content of the boxes later turns into a natural fertilizer, which might be used in public parks or gardens. Another pleasant side-effect of the material is a dramatic reduction in smell.

By making use of two waste products, urine and straw, Paris has turned this former uncivilized activity into an eco-friendly contribution to the creation and maintenance of the city’s public greenery. We love to see urban issues like these taking a turn for the greener.