Paradise Lost: A Newspaper About One Weekend Of Love

I just found the three editions of the newspaper Paradise Lost delivered at my apartment (thanks for that by the way). Paradise Lost writes about a weekend love of two imaginary American tourists, Lucy and Felix, who stay in hotel Paradise Lost in Amsterdam. The newspaper reports in text and images about the three days of immense love that Lucy and Felix share. It comes in three different editions for 2, 3 and 4 October, one for each day of this romantic weekend.

Paradise Lost is a project by Dutch artists Yeb Wiersma and Vanessa Hudig, and executed in the context of the Liefde in de Stad programme. It investigates a ubique perspective on the city. Love is often denied in the fast urban context. Before we already wrote about some other projects emphasising the need for erotic atmospheres in the city: the I Dove You project by Teun Castelein and Silvain Vriens, and the Car Hotel by Frederico d’Ozario. With this project, the artists want to let you experience what the city looks like and feels like when one’s in love, taking you on the romantic trip to your own city (in my case).

The newspapers include all sorts of dialogues specifically those stupid ones about nothing. But what’s interesting besides music tips, pictures and lost adds, is the idea of a new form of cognitive design for cities. We have to design our perception rather than the physical context.

Anyway, Paradise Lost is a welcome source of inspiration for spending a holiday in Amsterdam, as I already planned.