Over The Under, Manhole Art In Milan

For the second time, the city of Milan organizes the nice public space project ‘Over the Under, Manhole Art’ in collaboration with the biggest optical fibers company in Europe. The project takes the cue from a Japanese habit and commissions the customization of some of the manholes in the city to five street artists: Shepard Fairey, Rendo, Space Invaders, The London Police and Flying Fortress. The protagonists were invited to realize four covers each, that will be placed on a central street of Milan for one year, starting his month.

We are glad that the posh city of Milan leaves its chic catwalks not only to fashion, but also to contemporary art, turning street art into an everyday experience, closer than ever to the citizens. This project seems to spread the message that art has to be accessible to everybody, even outside museums and galleries. Next time I will be in Milan, stepping over an Obey’s work will make me feel strange and guilty, as if I was stepping over some famous grave.

Click here for more pictures of the project.