Opening Soon: Pop-Up Mini Swimming Pool

Marseille-born and Amsterdam-based artist Laurence Aëgerter is about to launch a new episode in her ‘Opening Soon/Opening Now’ series in Amsterdam. Currently she is busy turning a former brother in the so-called ‘Grey Area’ into a two-day public mini swimming pool. All ages are welcome to recreate in this unique swimming pool, under supervision of professional bath superintendents.

The unique pop-up swimming pool will be open on August 22 and 23 and is located on Korsjespoortsteeg 23. The pool at the ground floor is for recreation, instruction and competition. “Bring your swimsuit and towel and drop by for some aquarobic, maternity swimming or recreational swimming. Seperate changing rooms and lockers are available on the upper floors.” The instant pool will be open between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Opening Soon/Opening Now: Public Library

Opening Golfclub

‘Opening Soon/Opening Now’ is the title of one year lasting project, supported by RED A.I.R., in which Aëgerter applies eight public and semi-public functions to a former brothel. Aim of her exploration is to question her role as an artist in the city’s political plans of gentrification in Amsterdam. Some of the episodes in the series were private performances and installations, such as an instant pop-up public library, a golf court, and a one-day Turkish snackbar.