Open Your Own Little Free Library

I know you guys like new-style street and community libraries (like this one, this one, this one or this one), so I’m happy to share another library project I came across.

Inspired by the Little Free Library movement, Boing Boing blogger Amy Seidenwurm decided to open her own library in public space with help from friends and relatives. ‘Little Free Library #2646’ is located on a “sad vacant lot near our house and a nursery school”, she explains.

The Little Free Library project started out as an idea to promote literacy and the love of reading by building free  book exchanges around the world. Over the last years the project has grown into an international movement with more than 2,510 (!) community-driven libraries.

“We’re building and promoting ‘Take a book, leave a book’ structures that fit in a front yard, by a sidewalk, coffee shop or park and are just big enough to hold 20-30 books that kids and adults can give and take. Each Little Free Library will be located on a Google map with GPS coordinates. Many will have a theme — anything from heroes and geography to weather, children around the world, adventure, food, the environment, gardening… you name it.”

The website of the project shows some great examples of little libraries that have already been built, and offers instructions to people who want to open their own book exchange spot (tip: use a cranberry crate). Head over to Little Free Library’s Facebook page to like the project!