Open Now: The St. Pauli Open Air Gallery

Yesterday someone pointed me to a fresh photo exhibition in the heart of Hamburg’s district of St. Pauli and bordering neighbourhoods, titled ‘All Over the Kiez’. This project plays with the common ideas regarding art exhibitions since it does not take place in a gallery or any closed off location. Instead, all the artworks are in public space and transform the area of St. Pauli itself into one, big, decentral open air gallery.

'All Over The Kiez' Open Air Exhibition, Hamburg

The exhibition consists of 52 photographs that are distributed all over the ‘Kiez’ and are displayed as of today at the exact point where the photo was taken. In the street, on the wall, on certain buildings. Some pictures are brilliantly taken and capture the atmosphere of St. Pauli very well: the informality, the erotic elements, the street art culture.

The project’s website is the exhibition guide where all photos come together, along with information on where to find them. But remember “…the real pieces can only be found on location in the heart of the city”. When? “From today until… all exhibits are stolen, taken away!” adds Klaus, the man behind the project. Give it a look, soon!