On Kiosks, Part 3: Strategy


In this last article in a series about the importance of the kiosk, I’ll cover an initiative that took of this summer in London, called KiosKiosk. KiosKiosk is a project which offers small kiosk space to creative start-ups, like artists and fashion designers for free. Supported by the London Sustainable Development Commission, its founders want to address the difficulties young creatives have to deal with when starting a company in London. For instance, retail space is barely affordable.

The KiosKiosk is also meant to be part of an urban strategy. LSDC aims to “promote creative independent shops instead of more dime-a-dozen souvenir stalls”. Furthermore, the project can function as a showcase for local creativity on the streets, as I also emphasised in my previous article. City branding by kiosk. Creatives who want to take part in the project, can simply send in their details and explain why they’re a good candidate to occupy a kiosk.