Olaf Mooij’s Mobile Car Wash

Driving around in the city while it’s raining, and you’re dry and safe inside your car — I can see the melancholia of it. But some people might really like it. For those people, Rotterdam-based artist Olaf Mooij created a rather remarkable car. Equipped with a rain installation on its rooftop, the so-called Rain Car is able to wash itself.

Although it’s hard to find the exact reason to make this installation, it’s for sure that cars are important objects in Mooij’s work. Besides his Rain Car he has also developed other amazing car designs like the Brain Car, the Chesterfield Car, a DJ Mobile and a couple of Hair Cars, such as the Punk Trabant. The Rain Car was a part of the Drive-In Rotterdam program at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi), which deals with flexible and movable urban concepts and designs.