Nomadic Creative Agency Pops Up Around The World

The more humanity becomes portable, the more work gets flexible. Two years ago we claimed that the new office is no office. Following that idea, a group of students at Hyper Island decided to tour the world and pop up as a creative agency where needed.

The Pop Up Agency works for 48 hours with start-ups and companies around the world. “We deliver a concept or an idea that adds value. Then, we fold up and move on to the next challenge”, says Julia Schierbeck, one of the six members of the agency. The agency accepts commissions for product and service development as well as for throwing workshops and lectures. All they ask in return is accommodation, living and traveling costs, of which they donate 10% to a local charity purpose.

From March till June they take their pop-up concept into a world-wide creative adventure! The goal is to develop fifteen 48-hour projects in fifteen weeks in fifteen different countries all around the world. The first part of their tour takes part in Europe while they also have plans for Asia and other parts of the world. Until today they have been to Helsinki and Copenhagen and one of their next stops also includes our pop-up base (is that an oxymoron?), Amsterdam.

The Pop-Up Agency

It seems that creative nomadism is a form of alternative entrepreneurialism that more and more new creatives follow. The combination of being able to be creative and productive along with the magic of meeting new people in new places is one that is definitely greatly appealing! Should we start packing as well?