NEXT Architects Design Landmark-Ish Bridge For Amsterdam Suburb

In the usually very peaceful and provincial town of Purmerend, a suburb of Amsterdam, a very oddly shaped bridge has popped up. Designed by Amsterdam-based NEXT Architects, the extraordinary structure connects the new neighborhood Weidevenne with the old town center.

The aim of the architects was to let the Melkwegbrug, as it is called, connect both the old center with the new center. The bridge spans 66 meters over the Noordhollandsch Kanaal and consists of one part for pedestrians and another part for cyclists or wheel chairs. At it’s highest point, the bridge is 12 meters above the water level.

After climbing a significant amount of stairs, and having reached the top of the bridge, you will get a stunning view of the city of Purmerend. The stairs are lit at night with energy-efficient LED lights, which on itself also provides an attractive piece of architecture to gaze at.

The part designed for cyclists and wheel chairs also contains a slight slope because one bank of the canal is higher than the other. Since the canal is still in use, the architects had to implement a central part that can be lifted up when ships have to pass. The bridge is located just next to bus station, so if you’re interested it’s easy to pop by.