Netflix on Wheels: Startup Launches Subscription-Based Electric Mobility

With electric vehicles slowly becoming mainstream, not everyone will be able to afford or even be interested in owning one. Los Angeles-based startup Canoo steps into this gap by offering a monthly subscription-based electric car.

The hype of electric vehicles keeps gaining momentum because of the rise of emission-free transportation. However, Canoo’s product isn’t just another electric vehicle as the company is focusing its efforts towards a sharing economy. The California based startup already has prototypes in their LA office and will launch its vehicles in the US and China in 2021.

The spacious interior is possible since the chassis or skeleton of the vehicle houses the motor and battery. With room for seven people, the design is intended for a wide variety of things such as going for a night out with a group of friends or picking up your family from the airport.

The car industry is undergoing a transition period. From owning your own car to electric vehicles to subscription-based cars, future car use seems a lot more efficient and social. Honda has also taken this idea of multifunctional cars to the next level with its Ie-Mobi concept. Car interiors suitable for a group of people shows the contrast of individual car use and the implications of traffic jams that citizens experience on a daily basis.