Neighborland: Crowd-Sourcing Community Development

We love a good crowd-sourcing initiative, whether it’s helping determine what neighbourhoods are safe or unsafe or establishing a do-it-yourself framework for urbanism. We aren’t living in closed cities (well, except for these folks) and societies, and crowd-sourcing prompts us all to interact just a little bit more to make sure our increasingly hectic and crazy world stays fun and organic.

The latest example comes from Neighborland, a website that offers citizens a platform to propose ideas for the improvement of their communities. Because, well, who knows a community better than the people that live there?

Neighborland is organised into sections based on the city you live in. Currently, there are five cities (Boulder, Houston, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and St. Paul, with over a dozen more on the way) that users can select, with an array of ideas and questions that can be voted and discussed. The ideas are diverse: from maple trees in St. Paul to brew pubs in Boulder, Neighborland is a platform that brings citizens that care about their neighbourhood together.

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